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Canadian syrup

Enjoy the Canadian delicacies and heritage.

The custom of collecting maple sap and boiling it to obtain syrup comes from the Native Americans. Long before the arrival of the whites, they appreciated its energy and nutritional value. Making a rudimentary cut, they fixed a wood chip that channeled the maple water into a bark container. They then boiled the sap to obtain syrup. It was for them, as for us today, a time of rejoicing which marked the end of winter and the coming of spring.

In the Canadian province called New Brunswick, sugar maples grow there which are genetically sweeter, more mineralized, of better quality and where the winning taste surpasses other regions of Canada and the northern United States. The D. Thibeault maple grove is at the center of this generous region.

érablière D. Thibeault

We have been making syrup for over 50 years. My father Daniel Thibeault started producing syrup in 1970 and since then we have been constantly expanding our facilities and modernizing our methods. We are fortunate to be located in New Brunswick in Saint-Quentin, Capital of the Atlantic Maple, where maple is ranked best taste in Canada. Our syrup is of high quality and we are proud to export it internationally to share the pleasures of Canadian maple syrup.

Making maple syrup

Maple syrup is a concentrate of maple water (sap), naturally sweetened and collected in early spring.


Maple sap begins to flow in March. Hot days (2 to 7 ° C) and cool nights. You need 66% sugar to make maple syrup. And it takes an average of 40 liters of water to make 1 liter of syrup.


The maple water is collected with pipes, extractors, tanks and vacuum pumps.

The maple water is then filtered by osmosis to concentrate the liquid.


The maple water is brought to a boil to concentrate it up to 66 degrees Brix.

The resulting syrup is filtered and becomes limpid, this gives it its beautiful irresistible color.


The barrels are filled with quality syrup for a long talk time.

These are exported with experienced logistics to our international customers.


Our team has the expertise and all the logistics necessary to get Canadian maple syrup to you wherever you are in the world. Our trucks move to the port of St-John in New Brunswick and the barrels are loaded onto ships / cargo. From there, our team works with exporters, customs officials and your organization to get the product to your warehouses. Currency exchanges and products are insured and guaranteed for both parties.